Scout picks Greenway trails for Eagle Scout project

OwenAndrewsEagleScoutProjectOwen Andrews, Boy Scout from Troop 155 picked the DeSoto Greenways for his Eagle Scout Project. Owen raised funds and gathered material donations to complete his project of placing tree id signs at the Cold Water Nature Trail at Arkabutla Lake. Owen and his crew of volunteers placed 17 tree id signs out along the 5 mile trail. Project was well done and we are thankful for Owens help with improving the trails.

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Hiking Etiquette from the American Hiking Society

Almost every group of people have some unwritten rules to help govern their activity and make things more pleasant for all those participating. Rules such as not cutting in line at a ski lift and keeping your elbows off the table when eating at Mom’s house are just two examples. Hikers are no different. Following a few unwritten rules can help make your hike and the hike for others more pleasant. Among some commonly observed practices are: • Hike quietly. Speak in low voices and turn your cell phone down, if not off. Enjoy the sounds of nature and let others do the same. • If taking a break, move off the trail a ways to allow others to pass by unobstructed. • Don’t toss your trash – not even biodegradable items such as banana peels. It is not good for animals to eat non-native foods and who wants to look at your old banana peel while it ever-so-slowly decomposes? If you packed it in, pack it back out.

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Update from our friends at North MS Trail Alliance

North Mississippi Trail Alliance Looks Forward to 2015 2015 is shaping up to be a great year for NMTA and for the mountain biking and trail running communities. I want to take this opportunity to recap with you some of the exciting things NMTA has been working on for the past year and how that will translate into achieving some of our most significant goals in the new year. As you may know, NMTA was incorporated in the state of Mississippi as a non-profit corporation in 2014. This enabled NMTA to apply for recognition as a 501(c)(3) Non-profit entity which was granted by the IRS last year. NMTA successfully formed two business partnerships with Full Motion Running and Cycling as well as with Peddler Bike Shop giving NMTA the financial resources and social contacts necessary to achieve many of our organizations goals. NMTA also entered into contractual agreements with the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Olive Branch to establish a cooperative basis for developing new natural surface trails in north Mississippi. NMTA has been an active participant in regional recreational planning groups to further our trail development agenda. Most recently NMTA participated in the DeSoto County Greenways and Parks Advisory Committee meeting. This type of forum allows NMTA to help shape the recreational goals our civic leaders will support in our community.

DeSoto to gather public input on park for Lewisburg

DeSoto County is expected to authorize a new 40 acre park by the end of next year to serve the growing Lewisburg community on the county’s east side, near the Interstate 69 link due for completion next fall. “That would be the timeline,” said Ray Laughter, a member of the DeSoto Recreational District Commission. “I feel confident we can have a park proposal for the Board of Supervisors to consider by the end of 2015.” Laughter and two other commissioners, Ken Kirkpatrick and Stewart Lott, were named at the parks panel’s Tuesday session to assess needs and amenities for the county’s undeveloped Lewisburg site, and gather input at public meetings. “We look forward to hearing from the community,” said commission chairwoman Peggy Linton. The property, fronting the Camp Creek Canal, is northwest of Lewisburg High School and west of the Hawks Crossing subdivision.

DeSoto Greenways Newsletter Winter 2014

DeSoto Greenways Newsletter Winter 2014 Setting a Higher Standard for Parks Maintenance MPO Adopts Bike/Ped Plan Horn Lake Creek Construction Moving Ahead CDC Releases New Tools to Improve Community Health Through Parks and Trails Featured Park-Eudora Community Park Homeschool Education Program at the ARK

DeSoto, Tate kids trek into enviro-fun at annual Field Day

Excuse me, do you have an alligator in that truck?” asked Kaley Cassey, an 11-year-old fifth-grader at Sacred Heart School in Southaven. It was a natural question directed Wednesday to Deborah Waz, conservation educator with the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, one some two-dozen exhibitors at the annual Conservation Field Day learning experience at Arkabutla Lake. Organized by the DeSoto County Soil and Water Conservation District, the two-day event ending Thursday at the Dub Patton Recreation Area was expected to draw more than 1,250 fifth-graders from schools across DeSoto and Tate counties.

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Homeschool Education Program

DeSoto County Greenways & Parks were host to a group of home 2014homeschool 2014homeschool2 schoolers at the ARK (Arkabutla Lake Rehab and Education Center). The group enjoyed a visit with Val Smith, Founder of Mississippi Wildlife Rehabilitation. Val and Natalie Bright, Greenways Event Coordinator, talked to the kids about the ARK trails, bird education, and also had a wildlife friend named Ruffus, a Screech Owl.

DeSoto Greenways Newsletter Fall 2014

DeSoto Greenways Newsletter Fall 2014 In this Issue: DeSoto County Gets Comprehensive Resources Plan 50 for the 50th - Wilderness Act Celebrates 50th anniversary Tips to Know Before You Develop Land Creative  Kids  Camp Mississippi's Adult Obesity Rate Tops 35% Kids Camp 2014

DeSoto County Comprehensive Natural Resources Plan 2014-2030

DESOTO-COUNTY-GREENWAYS-REV-IV (1)DeSoto County Comprehensive Natural Resources Plan is now online and available for downloading: DCNaturalResourcesPlan promote health programs

Working to help promote local health programs

Learn more

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