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DeSoto County Day at the State Capitol

County Looks at Permit System for Hernando DeSoto River Park

DeSoto Greenways and Parks 2014 Kids Outdoor Conservation Camp

Earth Day Celebration Set

Driving Along the Delta Bluffs Scenic Byway

A Guide to trees of the United States

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2014 Youth Fishing Rodeo Schedule Finalized

The MDWFP has put the finishing touches on the 2014 Youth Fishing Rodeo schedule. Fishing rodeos are open to youth ages 15 and under. The schedule is published in the March-April issue of Mississippi Outdoors magazine and can also be found online.

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Prepare Your Boat for Spring Boating and Fishing Season

Spring is here and for many boaters it is time to take their boat out of winter storage and put it in the water. Annual boat preparation and maintenance helps to ensure not only safety, but also prevents problems that could keep you off the water when the fishing and boating season heats up.

The MDWFP urges boaters to check that their boat registration is current and that their registration number is present on their vessel. Boaters should inspect their Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) for compatibility with U.S. Coast Guard requirements. MDWFP Conservation Officers patrol Mississippi’s waterways to ensure that boaters are safe and in compliance with state boat registration, boater education, and Personal Flotation Device (PFD) regulations.

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Improving Wildlife Habitat during the “Off-Season”

Many sportsmen’s favorite habitat management practices correlate with their favorite hunting season, such as planting fall food plots for deer season. However, other habitat management practices performed during the “off season” are likely more important for meeting the needs of their favorite wildlife species.

Landowners interested in managing their forestland for wildlife and revenue should use the spring season to plan and execute timber harvests. Timber thinning improves residual tree vigor and promotes stand health. Thinning creates openings in the forest canopy that allow sufficient sunlight to reach the ground, stimulating desirable plants that provide food and cover for many species of wildlife.

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NYC’s largest solar facility coming to former Staten Island dump

Between the crazy-tall proposed Ferris wheel and Big Ang, Staten Island, NYC’s smallest borough, has been living large as of late. Now come plans to build the city’s largest solar farm on parkland that was once the largest landfill in the world.FreshkillsParkSolar

In an announcement made last week by outgoing Nanny-in-Chief Michael Bloomberg, it was revealed that the mythical land of runaway zebras and Mafia Wives the borough of Staten Island will be home to New York City’s largest solar installation — a 10-megawatt power plant that, when completed, will have the capacity to produce enough juice to power in the ballpark of 2,000 homes. More specifically, the facility will be located on what used to be the largest landfill in the entire world before New York City started to export its insane amount of garbage to other states (thanks a bunch Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania!) in 2001.

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Volunteer Greenways!

Volunteer Newsletter March 2014

14 Apps That Will Revolutionize Your Walk in the Woods

Many argue that smartphones are keeping kids out of the woods and locked up behind their screens. However, these devices and the new mobile apps they put at our fingertips assist us in a lot of different ways, even when you’re out of the house and in the wilderness. You can read some thoughts around NWF’s findings in the report Friending Fresh Air: Balancing Nature and Technology.

While exploring nature is often regarded as a tech-free activity, it’s great to know that in the 21st century there are tech-savvy tools that help can us enjoy nature and wildlife in a whole new way.

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Spring Turkey Season Outlook is Promising

Turkey season is right around the corner, and many hunters are anxiously asking about what the upcoming season will hold. Fortunately, for turkey hunters, MDWFP biologists collect and analyze data which provides valuable information about what to expect.

MDWFP’s data suggests that turkey hunting will be much better this spring than the tough season many hunters experienced last year. This optimistic prediction is based on an increase in juvenile gobblers (jakes) observed by hunters who participated in the Spring Gobbler Hunting Survey during 2013. This increase in jake numbers came on the heels of a strong statewide turkey hatch in the summer of 2012, which boosted local populations throughout Mississippi. Gobblers hatched in 2012 will be two-year-olds this spring, and the swelling of their ranks should result in a substantial increase in gobbling activity.

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