Foods that are Good for your Brain Health


The brain is a vital organ of our body and keeping it sharp and healthy is necessary so that you can be the best at every phase of your life. A lot of people believe that consuming almonds plays an important role in the development of the brain as all the essential nutrients it contains assists in improving concentration and the memory. In order to sharpen your brain you are required to consume a number of foods that can help to keep you young from your brain to your heart.  For this, you have to be strict on your iron deficiency because deficiency of iron is the primary cause of reduction of hemoglobin in the body that directly affects the brain health.  The best foods to consume for a healthy brain and a sharper mind are as follows:


coffee cup

Many offices are incomplete if there are no coffee and tea breaks but taking anything out of the limit leads to negative impacts on your health and make you become ill instead of making positive contributions to your health. Taking coffee without milk and sugar lowers mental tiredness and leaves you without stress. It improves your brain power but you should not increase its intake to an extreme.


Soya Milk and Milk Products

There are numerous benefits of eating soy products on a daily basis because they are rich in all the necessary nutrients and they help in improving your memory. Soya raises the production of oestrogen which is the fundamental need for the proper functioning of brain. You include soya products such as soya milk, soya beans, soya proteins, tofu and so much more to your diet for better health of the brain.

Omega 3 Rich Food

There are two types of fatty acids in existence, namely omega 3 and omega 6. This fatty acids are required for the good health of your heart and brain. Because our bodies can produce omega 6 on their own, we require omega 3 fatty acids through a rich diet so that our brains can be sharper and our memories can be improved.

Proper intake of vitamin B

Vitamin bThis essential nutrient plays a key role in protecting your brain from free radicals. The primary function of vitamin B is supplying oxygen to the brain so that your body can acquire enough nutrients to keep your memory sharp at all times. It is important to know that the deficiency of vitamin B12 causes memory loss, which is the main cause of a lot of brain disorders.