Hernando DeSoto River Park

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Location: Situated right on the banks of the river just north of Lake Comorant, the 41 acre Hernando DeSoto Park, (formerly Bass Landing), is DeSoto County’s only public access to the Mississippi River.

  • Size of Park – 41 acres
  • Hours – Beginning May 1, 2014 the park will be closed from ½ hour after sunset until ½ hour before sunrise except for persons holding a valid overnight use permit. For information about applying for a permit, call the DeSoto County Greenways and Parks office at (662) 429-4414. They are open  from 8 – 5 Monday -Friday except for Holidays. You may also request a permit by completing an application online at www.DeSotogreenways.org/permit
  • Other Amenities – Once constructed this park will feature an overlook, boardwalk, benches, and picnic tables near the boat ramp.
  • GIS Coordinates: 34°57’02.37″ N  90°14’35.49″ W


Future plans for the park include connecting with the Johnson Creek greenway which runs from Church Rd just south of Horn Lake, MS westward to the Great River Road Bike Trail located just east of the river park.

This park and trails system  is a collaborative effort by DeSoto County, the DeSoto County Greenways & Parks and the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta Levee Board, and the Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries and Parks.

10 Comments on “Hernando DeSoto River Park

  1. it’s just too bad the sheriff deputy’s don’t patrol it more after dark, just went down there to do a little night time bank fishing but there were 3 different fires going with people just standing around. Did not feel comfortable being around that element.

    • Bill
      Thank you for your information! We plan to turn this area into a park but we keep having a lot of vandalism and a lot of people intruding as you mention. We have discussed this on occasion with the DeSoto County Sheriffs Department and they are should be patrolling more at night. We would ask that anytime you are out there and see something like this please call the sheriffs department and report it. We do not have parks patrol and depend entirely on the sheriffs department for security or volunteers who sometimes go by in the daytime.
      Larry Jarrett
      Parks and Greenways Director

    • If people building campfires scares you don’t go out. The outdoors is not for the faint of heart nor is it for those who would rather enjoy it by themselves wishing others were not there

  2. We went there last weekend and were disappointed. It was dirty and nothing was there other than the boat ramp. We did not feel that safe either, as no one would know if anything happened. We will check here now & again to see what, if any, developments occur, but right now, we will not be back. There was no green way, no picnic tables or any place to sit, and nothing much to do as we were not fishing.

    • Thank you for your information! We had planned to turn this area into a park but we keep having a lot of vandalism and a lot of people intruding. We have discussed this on occasion with the DeSoto County Sheriffs Department and they are should be patrolling more. It is very frustrating. Thank you for you comments.

  3. Do like parks in other states. What I mean is turn it into a park with campsites. Have one site that is for camp host. The camp host lives on the campsite free in return for patroling the park collecting fees,and calling the police when needed. Put in power for each site and a restroom with shower. Charge a small fee for campsite use. I also fish there at night and there is always someone in the parking lot with a fire going and drinking. Also there is always gun shots. I guess they are target shooting but it is not a very safe park at night. And I never see the county police patrolling it. Tunica has done the same thing that is to be done here with the park BUT it is patrolled by the county police regularly.

  4. Have any improvements been made since these 2013 postings? Is there a map that shows the park boundaries and proposed areas to be improved? Has there been any discussion of a fund raising effort to support the improvements?

    • Yes, we have beefed up security, added picnic tables and cleaned the underbrush along the river. We received a grant and plan to build an overlook sometime later this year.
      Thanks for the inquiry.

  5. I visited the park Friday June 12, 2015. The park has been improved greatly! I would like to thank all the volunteers for all the hard work! I have several pictures of the visit, but they are too large to upload here. If any one would like to see the pictures or has questions for me, the moderators of this blog should be able to put us in touch.

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