Tips to choose the right doctor

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Searching for a doctor is not always a simple task. It is even more complicated when you go out of network and find a medical practitioner who can meet your health needs. However, if you are informed and well prepared you will be able to find the right one for you. Below are some tips you can use so as to find the right doctor:

Look for an integrative doctor


If you are going through a health issue, you may want to find a good integrative doctor. In order to get the right one, you can ask friends, family members or your colleagues. The objective of integrative medicine is to heal a person with a specific health condition. Ensure that you choose a practitioner that has extensive knowledge. Additionally, the doctor should utilize a holistic approach so as to treat you well. He/she should locate the root cause of your condition instead of curing the symptoms.


Symptoms and underlying causes

These days doctors consider the symptoms of a disease before prescribing medicine. On the other hand, an experienced integrative physician will take the symptoms of your illness into account and then try to locate the root cause of the symptoms. Eventually, they may prescribe the correct treatment. So before you seek the services of one, ensure that they can identify and address the underlying cause of your health issue.

A coach not a friend

You should know that your doctor is your coach not your friend. The doctor will inform you on what you should do and what not to do. But it is also your responsibility to adhere to their advice. Therefore, during the interview you should strive to find out if the doctor is going to assume the role of a doctor or coach. Remember even if the practitioner is friendly, it does not imply that he is going to act like a friend.


It is advisable that you purchase your medicine from the doctor’s dispensary. You should ask every potential practitioner if they run their own dispensary. The dispensary should not just stock nutritional supplements. In fact, it should have, natural meds, herbal products, biological medicine, homeopathic remedies and minerals just to mention a few.


female doctorIt is not a must that you hire an insured doctor. As a matter of fact the leading integrative doctors are not insured. This is because the bureaucracy and paperwork may waste a lot of the doctor’s time.  Additionally, it may limit the therapeutic options a doctor may utilize. According to a recent study, doctors may spend additional time doing paperwork than attending to patients in their office.